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The Pintlala Historical Association Collection

  • US US-almoca The Pintlala Historical Association Collection
  • Collection
  • 2016-2017

This collection consists of issues (printed on paper) of the Pintlala Historical Association newsletter.

Dallas Hanbury

The Newtown Oral History Collection

  • US US-almoca 2019.003
  • Collection
  • February 23, 2019

The Newtown Oral History Collection is a collection of oral histories and photographs created at the Newtown Community Center on February 23, 2019. The oral histories center on daily life in Newtown throughout the 1950s and into the1970s. The oral histories in this collection represent how the creators of the collection, those that live or lived in Newtown, view their community and constitute a valuable primary source regarding first-person observations and opinions regarding the Civil Rights Movement. A number of the oral histories in the collection dwell on similar themes, including civil rights, the Civil Rights Movement and how it affected the city. Many of the interviewees also talked about a devastating flood in 1960 that destroyed almost all their possessions. . The photographs depict the interviewees, as well as the event itself.

Foster Dickson

The Lyn Frazer Collection

  • US US-almoca 2019.001
  • Collection
  • August 26, 1902

The Lyn Frazer Collection consists of a single photograph of a woman named Carrie Melton Hill. The photograph, taken on August 26, 1902, depicts Hill in her wedding dress and vail.

Frazer, Lyn

The John Dowe Collection

  • US US-almoca The John Dowe Collection
  • Collection
  • ca. 1848-2007

The John Dowe Collection consists of family correspondence, financial and legal records, photographs and postcards sent and received by the Dowe family, scrapbooks, publications, and ephemera. Most of the collection’s document-based records date from circa 1900 to 2007. The scrapbooks range from the 1880s to roughly the mid-twentieth century. The photographs begin in circa1870 and appear to end in the early-to-mid 2000s. The Dowe Collection especially documents the history and activities of the Dowe family in Montgomery, Alabama, as well as their travels throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. It especially documents much of John Dowe’s life, from his birth in 1911, to his death in 2007.

John Dowe

Montgomery County Commission Record Group

  • US US-almoca 2016.008
  • Collection
  • ca. 1826-2016

This record group consists of records created by the Montgomery County, Alabama County Commission during the course of normal business. This extensive collection contains a wide variety of paper-based and photographic records, including: county commission minutes, budgets, issuing and redemption of bonds, materials related to managing elections such as polling districts and requests to change voting places, aerial photographs of the county, photographs of past and present county commissioners, records related to the construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation of county-owned buildings; various datasets including projects
related to county census, claims against the county, the county’s funding and oversite of various non-profit entities, employee rules and regulations, employee handbooks, official bonds and oaths of various county employees, deeds to county properties, records no longer created by the Montgomery County Commission, and miscellaneous records. This record group also contains the county Board of Equalization records. The Board of Equalization occupies a unique place in county government structure since it has a fair degree of independence in conducting its duties. For instance, the Board of Equalization reviews the work of the county revenue commission and if necessary changes property valuations.

Montgomery County, Alabama County Commission

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Record Group

  • US US-almoca Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Record Group
  • Collection
  • ca. 1878-1985

This record group consists of records created by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office during the course of conducting normal business. This large collection primarily contains two types of records: inmate mugshots and logs documenting the processing of persons accused of committing various crimes. Inmate mugshots include those who took part in the 1953 Montgomery Bus Boycott, including Jo Ann Robinson and Rosa Parks. Inmate mugshots also include photographs of 1961 Freedom Riders arrested in Montgomery, Alabama. The logs documenting the intake of persons accused of a crime generally include the individual’s name,
race, age, sex, offense accused of, etc. The records listed under Administering Internal Operations-Managing the Agency; (9.03) Historical and Publicity Files; Box 1, folders 1-3, may serve as evidence of early convict-leasing in Montgomery County, Alabama. The folders’ titles, composed by another archivist, map a connection between the Montgomery County Alabama Sheriff’s Office, Dr. Robert Barber, and inmate labor in 1870 related to the Freeman’s Bend Plantation. Robert Barber served as the secretary of the 1868 convention to rewrite Alabama’s constitution. Further research is needed to uncover more information regarding
Barber, as well as Freeman’s Bend Plantation.

Montgomery County, Alabama Sheriff’s Office

Montgomery County Circuit, Chancery, and City Courts Record Group

  • US US-almoca Montgomery County Circuit, Chancery, and City Courts Record Group
  • Collection
  • ca. 1820-2002

This record group consists of Montgomery County, Alabama Circuit, Chancery, and City Court-related cases and records. Divorce records make up a significant portion of the Circuit Court Records, as well as the entire collection. Additionally, various cases from Montgomery’s city/chancery court make up another large amount of the collection. However, within each sub-record group; circuit, chancery, and city court, exist many unique types of records. In addition to numerous divorce cases, many of the circuit court cases consist of non-criminal related cases like business-related lawsuits in which businesses, individuals, and the county or state, sue each other.

Montgomery County, Circuit, Chancery, and City Courts

The Montgomery Area Sports Hall of Fame Collection

  • US US-almoca The Montgomery Area Sports Hall of Fame Collection
  • Collection
  • 1991-1995

The collection entirely consists of framed photographs of athletes, coaches, officials, administrators, and others who made a contribution to athletics in Montgomery, Autauga, and Elmore County, Alabama.

Dallas Hanbury

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